Thursday October 18, 2018
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Stand For Our Drink Tub - Project

How I Built My Drink Tub Stand

Our pavilion has been the venue for numerous outdoor activities since it was completed October 2008. We have had many great times including two weddings, many family cookouts, Father's Day cookouts, birthdays, a baby shower, and several gatherings with my old high school classmates.

One thing that all had in common: FUN! With fun comes food and drinks. This project has to do with the drinks. We usually fill a large tub with ice and set it on the floor somewhere. That works fine, but it would be better if the tub was a little higher. This project provides us with a very strong (and cheap!) table to set the tub on and make it a little more accessible.

All materials used were scraps left over from other projects, so total cost was $0.00. Time to cut and assemble: about 1-1/2 hours.

The wife wanted this table to look rustic. After all, its purpose is to hold a washtub full of ice and drinks. This is very basic and built completely from treated lumber, so it can take whatever the weather dishes out.

The legs were cut-offs from the 4x4 posts on our grill house. The front and sides of the lower half of each leg were given a taper cut using the table saw.

The top end of each leg has a lap joint cut into it to accept the cross brace that forms the top center table structure.

The two pieces forming the upper cross section has half lap joints cut into each section to allow them to overlap each other and fit flat on the top and bottom surfaces.

The lower cross brace also has lap joints cut into each piece, only they are turned 90 degrees. The bottom brace is joined to each leg using a butt joint. The top braces utilize mitered butt joints to attach to each leg.

The deck boards for the top came from a box I built about 10 years ago and never used.

I'll put a coat of semi-transparent cedar stain & sealer on this table and it will match the wood on the pavilion. It will also help seal the wood against stains, weathering and fading, not to mention it will look better.

Shown with the tub minus the drinks and ice. This table is rock-solid. It should serve its purpose very well.

No attempt was made to provide dimensions since the table needs to be sized to fit the tub it will hold. It is very simple to build, very cheap if made from scrap, and should outlast the tub it supports.

The finished product after the stain and sealer was applied.