Friday April 26, 2019
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Setting Up My Meat Smoker

New Meat Smoker For Our Grill House

As our picnic pavilion (view pavilion project) continues to be the primary venue for our outdoor entertaining, we needed a place to do the cooking (view grill house project). The grill house paralleled the construction of the terrace addition to the pavilion (view terrace project), and now we are going to get the custom made smoker off the trailer where it's been sitting for the last few months and into the cook area.

Note: Check back occasionally. We have a few modifications in mind for this smoker and they will be posted here as we experiment with our new toy.

Moving day! Although not quite finished with the shed, I am moving the smoker into it's new home.

Having the smoker in place will allow the short walls to be put around the cook area, and I can rig the chimney to carry the smoke away.

Here I have made a modification the chimney on the smoker. It had a square plate over the top to regulate the smoke by moving it back and forth and I removed it.

I installed a 4" damper in the chimney to regulate the smoke. It's a little neater, but it also allows me to insert a stove pipe into the chimney.

Here we have the stove pipe in the chimney and ran up through the roof of the cook shed. There is a gap around the stove pipe to create an air space between the stove pipe and the roofing materials.

The flange covers the space and keeps the pipe in place.

It's hard to see, but there is a chimney cap on top to keep the rain out. I'm getting really anxious to try this thing out.