Tuesday November 20, 2018
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Polaris Ranger & Ramsey Winch Switch

How I Mounted a Winch Switch on a Polaris Ranger

Vehicle: Polaris Ranger

Winch: Ramsey 2500

When installing a winch on a Polaris Ranger, there is an optional winch mounting plate for this application and believe it or not it fits perfectly. The winch kit came with a new front grill with the cutout for the winch cable and fairlead or roller guide. This was one of those installations that was neat and clean from the start using all factory parts with one exception: there is not a good place to mount the stationary winch control switch. So, what do you do with it? The instructions did not address this, but there is what I feel is a great solution.

The switch is a high current type with (four) 4 gauge wires connected that control forward and reverse operation of the winch motor. Obviously it would be nice to keep the switch out of the elements and conceal the wires, but where? Read on!

The solution I found was to mount the control in the driver side cup holder location. The cup holder pops out of the Polaris dash leaving a hole that the winch control switch knob fits perfectly. I fabricated a mount from a piece of angle to attach the switch mounting plate to the Polaris structural support behind the dash.

The mount proved to very solid and the switch is in a convenient location, as well as protected from dirt and water.

Photo 1: Polaris Ranger with Ramsey 2500 winch. I have also installed a grill guard and bumpers extensions that come around the lower edges of the front fenders.

Photo 2: Winch control is mounted in the cup holder location. You couldn't ask for a better fit. The cup holder insert pops out and leaves a hole the perfect size for the winch control.

Photo 3: the fabricated angle is mounted to the Polaris structural member with the switch attached. I user a piece of 2" x "2" angle to make the mounting bracket. The switch came with a heavy mounting plate, so all you really have to do is fit everything in place and mark the holes to drill. It's trial and error to fit the parts, but it's easy enough you should not have any problems. This made a very solid mount and all the wires are hidden from outside view. It looks like it came there from the factory.