Thursday October 18, 2018
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Picnic Pavilion Project - Introduction

How We Built Our Picnic Pavilion

Introduction | Getting Started | Concrete | Trusses | Little Things | Roofing | Last Details | Final Photos | Cost

We named it the
Hungry Duck Pavilion.
Pavilions need a name... right?

I put this project on the back burner for several years and I wish I hadn't! Two of the greatest obstacles to overcome were (1) time and (2) site preparation. The site we chose to construct our pavilion was the original home site of a previous property owner. Several decades ago the house was destroyed by fire. The rubble had been removed with the exception of several brick walls which were still standing, a couple of concrete porches, a concrete slab where a carport had been, and the footings. I had removed bricks off and on (mostly off!) for several years. The winter previous to our pavilion project I had decided to get the job done once and for all. I removed and cleaned 5600+ bricks, tore out the old concrete slabs, removed tons of rocks used as fill for the porches, and finally the footings. At the time I started documenting the picnic pavilion project, the site was exactly as the first photos on the "getting started" page. You can follow our progress start to finish in the following pages.

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The following 8 web pages will present the construction of our picnic pavilion as it progressed from start finish. Well, I thought it was finished until my wife wanted to add a terrace onto the end of it (that's another project!). The structure we built is a pole structure with corner and line posts set in concrete and a trussed roof. The structure is open on all sides with railings to define the "living area". It provides shelter which is absolutely great for cookouts and and all kinds of family functions. We have had weddings, birthday parties, class reunions, baby showers, holiday cookouts, and cookouts for absolutely no reason other than we enjoy it. I can't begin to tell you how much fun we have had, and with a roof over us, an occassional rain shower does not spoil the party.

Our pavilion is 32 feet long by 24 feet wide. The terrace addition is 16 feet by 24 feet, bringing the total length to 48 feet. The ceiling height inside the pavilion is just over 9 feet. Our get-togethers have been as few as 20 or 25 people and our largest was a wedding with in excess of 115 guests (I lost count at 115!). We have found the size of our pavilion and terrace will comfortably accomodate about 80 people, but much depends on how the tables and food area is arranged.

Introduction | Getting Started | Concrete | Trusses | Little Things | Roofing | Last Details | Final Photos | Cost