Wednesday May 22, 2019
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Grill House Project - Getting Started

How We Built Our Grill House

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As our picnic pavilion (view pavilion project) continues to be the primary venue for our outdoor activities, we need a place to do the cooking. This project has paralleled the construction of the terrace addition to the pavilion (view terrace project), mainly because I could have the concrete delivered and both slabs finished at the same time. As usual, we are on a time table with this project because we already have 3 events scheduled in the early part of this season.

I removed the sod and enough soil for a gravel bed under 4 inches of concrete.

The forms for the concrete have been built and gravel has been spread 4" under the tops of the forms.

Another view of the gravel.

The concrete guys are starting to fill the forms and spead the mix over the area.

They are leveling the mix and starting to float it.

The truck hasn't even moved yet and look at the concrete. It doesn't look bad right now and they haven't started to finish it yet.

It has set up enough now to trowel the surface.

Now it's just a matter waiting on it to cure.

After a few days, the color is lighter and it's ready for use. I have framed the roof and it is just about ready for some sheathing.

The rafters have been cut to length and the ends are ready for treated 2x6's.

The sheathing is finally going on. 

Carol got a few pics of me on the roof working.

Pressure treated 2x6's have been nailed to the ends of the rafters. I beveled the top edge to match the angle of the rafters so the sheathing will fit flush on top of the 2x6.

Roofing paper is stapled on and button nails are being used to keep the winds from ripping the paper off.

In these photos I have framed the gable with a small overhang, and added the uprights for the siding.

The siding has been cut and installed and pressure treated 1x6's added for trim. All the exposed wood will get a stain/sealer soon.

I picked up the metal roofing today. I had expected it to be in this morning, but it was nearly 2 o'clock before the supplier called and said it was ready... except for 2 of the 4 ridge caps I ordered. This means another trip back up there Friday to pick up the remaining ridge caps.

I want to beat the rain this weekend, and fortunately this goes on fairly fast. 

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