Monday January 21, 2019
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"ThisOldGuy dot com" is a collection of selected projects completed after a long awaited retirement... mine! New pages are added occassionally, but sometimes are a little slow in coming. With the exception of the garage building project, all projects were completed after retirement.

What's on This Website?

Projects, hobbies, learning activities, new interests. These things are my greatest time consumers. Projects from around home that have special meaning will find their way here, as well as experiences smoking meat and developing favorite slow cooking techniques. I enjoy gardening and a multitude of other varied and non-related activities so many of these are my focus for this site.

Any Other Interests?

One long running project I have invested an enormous amount of time in is researching family genealogy. This hobby begain shortly after I retired and has consumed more of my time than any other single project, ever! My genealogy study evolved into such a large project in itself that it is presented as a separate website. Family is an important part of life, both before and after retirement, and is the subject of an additional website. Developing my websites and maintaining them is an enjoyable activity for the most part. I built and configured the server that hosts my websites and at some point I will detail setting up and securing my web server.

A Surprise!

My goal is simply to present a few photos of small projects, and to follow larger projects as they progress from start to finish. Several projects on these pages have proven to be more popular than I ever expected. By a long shot our most popular project has been our picnic pavilion. I never expected such a high level of interest in our pavilion project. Maybe it should not come as a surprise since I kicked around the idea for years before I built mine. Apparently there are a lot of other guys and gals out there with the same desire. I can honestly say it has proven to be one of the most satisfying projects I have ever done. It was a lot of work and worth every bit of it.